Alex Kirt
Student Films
As an MFA graduate student at SIUC, I created three short films.
Follow the links below to view the films:

G.R.U.B.S. is a dystopian future film that I made as an MFA student at SIU in Carbondale. It takes place in the year 2020, when all of the world's major corporations have merged and have taken over control of all of the world's governments. The G.R.U.B.S. are a group of HAM radio operators who are responsible for organizing resistance fighters against the tyranny of the ruling corporation.

Home Made Music: The Rural Kings
Part One:
Part Two:
This is my first documentary short film and was my final project for MCMA557 MFA Studio Practices Fall 2012. 

29 Projections
This is my first short experimental film. It was created from 29 separate shots. The use of superimpositions was inspired by the films of the Surrealists such as Luis Bunuel. I composed and performed the musical score as well. The film is meant to symbolize the ways in which we project ourselves upon those around us, and the ways in which those around us project themselves onto us. It is also an artistic representation of the sometimes chaotic experience of simultaneously being a graduate student, a husband, a musician, and the father of two very young children. I chose to use 29 different shots because September 29th is the date when my wife and I celebrate our wedding anniversary, and August 29th is my wife's birthday. The film is a tribute to the challenges we have successfully endured together.